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Waxie Microfiber Tube Mop 14oz Green

por Ecobrite
Preço Original $15.49 - Preço Original $15.49
Preço Original
$15.49 - $15.49
Preço Atual $15.49
Microfiber Tube Mop-14Oz-1 Dz/Cs. Traditional style wet mop, but it is microfiber, and can be used with your traditional mopping equipment for daily cleaning, emergency spills or flood clean-up. Absorbent, lint free, with a 5-inch mesh head for scrubbing, is looped and banded at the ends to glide easily across floors. Can be machine laundered separately with warm water and detergent, no bleach or fabric softeners. Air or tumble dry on low heat. 14-ounce. Blue in color.

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