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Pioneer Eclipse Buffer PE420BU 28" Propane Burnisher (Used)

por Pioneer
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$1,800.00 - $1,800.00
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The Pioneer Eclipse Buffer PE420BU 28" Propane Floor Burnisher is a customizable solution for floor care professionals seeking unparalleled performance. Equipped with an array of advanced features, the PE420BU ensures efficiency and user convenience.

Powered by an 18-HP, 603 cc Kawasaki engine, the 420BU stands out by utilizing SAFR technology, maintaining low emissions even with a dirty air filter. The 12-volt battery start and electric clutch come standard, providing seamless operation and ease of use.

Enjoy quick and easy pad changes with the RokBakTM action feature while the catalytic muffler exceeds EPA and CARB minimum requirements for environmentally conscious operation. Easy access filters facilitate swift cleaning, and the triple anchor adjustable welded handle ensures long-lasting maneuverability.

Experience smooth operation with the soft tread 2" adjustable wheels and tool-free pad pressure adjustment. The integral metal skirt not only reduces dust, but also protects building occupants and furnishings. The "Hot @ 4 o'clock" setup minimizes torque, ensuring a good and straight operation.

Elevate your floor care standards with the Pioneer Eclipse Buffer PE420BU, where cutting-edge technology and customizable options converge for optimal performance.


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